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J&S started his activities back on December 1973 and its aim was the engineering, production and sale of sound reproduction apparels, mainly power amplifiers and diffusers. In 1979, we directed our activities towards some type of medical apparels, such as electrotherapy and afterwards (1980) electromyography (we constructed at first a Programmable Logic Controller apparel, with analogical presentation on X-Y screen).

1979: we started using our new-born production of electro-medical apparels, the use of the microprocessor, with the 6502. We produced a 32 KB RAM, 8” floppy disk unit computer, written with an operating system and application procedures in Assembler and Basic.

1981: we started to design and build a new line of products: apparels for electrotherapy (DYA10A, SM50, Farad2S). They presented very innovative characteristics, in fact the DYA10A is the first automatic “dyadinamic” ever produced in Italy. The above mentioned apparels were presented at “INTERSAN, in Milan.

1984: we produced a new version of electromyographyc device ;this one was working with a microprocessor and capable to examine the nerves (with averaging).

1984 /1990
: we continued our production of Electro-medical apparels, continuously adding technical innovations and we carried out a lot of works on errand for the University “La Sapienza”- Rome, for Telecom Italia and other important Companies.

1990: we designed a new line of microprocessor apparels for the physiotherapy (this was completely new on the Italian market) and for them we chose and patented the name “Fisiocomputer”.

1991: we started selling the ET2 apparels ( two-exits electrotherapy) . The same year, the whole line (completed with laser-therapy, magneto-therapy, ultrasound-therapy) was presented at the Intersan, in Milan.
We then started the design of a new line of apparels and systems for the respiratory physiology. We designed, tuned and patented a very linear disposable respiratory flow transducer. It was presented, together with some PC-based portable spirometer, at the Medical Fair, in Duesseldorf, on November 1993.

1992: we were commissioned the electronic part of an automatic apparel for clinic tests(three plates for samples, reagents and reactions) that we still produce. On the same year we started a very important co-operation with the Italian Air-Force, in particular with the “Centro Sperimentale di Volo” (CSV-Flight Experiment Station); they commission projects and researches, aimed to observe some clinic conditions of the pilot on different flight moments.

1997: J&S took part in the FUSE project, and obtained the EEC subsidy. At the same time a J&S introduced its own project, the FIRE that allowed to achieve the innovative FPGA technology (to increase the electronic circuits integration level). The introduction of this technique gave J&S the possibility of lowering the 25% of the production costs. The project “FIRE” was considered by the EEC the best ever presented in Europe, so that on December 1997 it was exposed at the IST in Vienna. After two years the same project was still the best !

1999: after three years of studies ( at the beginning in the field of cancer research), we received the certification for an important apparel for physiotherapy, the Hipertermia (commercial name: IP1) and for physiotherapy and we started the production of new Laser instruments, to substitute the models that we had used since ten years. The Lasers that we currently produce are: monodiodic, tridiodic, scansion laser, unfocalized beam, diodic helio-neon laser and continuum power laser.

: a new BioFeedback is designed and produced.

: we started a wide production of magnetos, ultrasounds(the project we are currently working on is the CryoUltrasound), electrotherapy, stabylometric platform. J&S current production includes what we consider our “jewel”: it is the UNIK4 (Laser, Magneto, Ultrasounds, Electrotherapy.